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The proposed TOV "Energoprompostach" set of products consisting of drill rods for malosposobnogo drilling (up to 4250 mm), couplings and shanks is characterized by a common functional purpose, namely: the transfer of impact power and (or) of torque from the drill head (punch), rock cutting body (crown, including roller cone type drill, etc.).

While maintaining the best traditions of productivity­ers drilling tools were formed and executed the following source:

  • the experience of production and operation tool 45 mining enterprises of the former Soviet Union, Iran, Cuba;
  • applied to these products the most perfect metal, used by the world's leading manufacturers of drilling tools;
  • technologically provided each operation to make full use of the potentials of metal used;
  • achieved in practice consumer the performance of the products falling under the definition of "high technologies";
  • sold machinery and staffing of production according to the level of tasks;
  • cenovo-quality indicators of the company's products are implemented lower in price and higher consumer properties of the best manufacturers of similar products;
  • the level of intellectual developments is confirmed by the practical results of operation and protected by patents in the manufacture Ukraine and potential export markets;
  • formed their own regulatory framework of production in the form of TU, its compliance with applicable state standards and international standards.


as a result of implementation of the original data created by complex products, the assignment parameters correspond to GOST 1875-79, GOST R 51681-2000, TU 28.6-24991739-002:2011, ISO 10207. The level of production corresponds to the term "high technology" achieved by controlled at the atomic level of the formation of surface hardness (up to 82.5 HRA) and the core (up to 42-44 HRC) of metal products, the curvature of which is less than 0.1% (less than 1 mm per 1000 mm of length), to ensure ease of predrilling and how­tion of the wall of the well, corrosion resistance color­resistance, increased resource when working on breeds up to 20 units of the fortress on the scale of prof 2-3 times against products from well known manufacturers with classical technology of nitriding.

the described set consumer qualities obtained using metal­rental Sanbar 64 Swedish production, partner-supplier of hire - firm Sandvik Materials Technology.

In the production of a "knowhow" concerning the application of the catalytically treated with ammonia, the technology of manufacturing products is the intellectual life of the enterprise and is protected by patents in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan.

the nomenclature of the rods in its constructs has accepted modifications: "cone-cone (2°23'±2; 2°to 30±8; 3°30'±8')", &