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Rod drilling ШБВ39Р2

Rod drilling ШБВ39Р2

Область використання

Вид з'єднання

Довжина, L, мм

Маса, кг, не більше

з коронкою, муфтою, бурильним органом

з бурільним органом, муфтою

Буріння шпурів та свердловин бурільними органами ударною потужністю до     22 кВт

Різьба згідно з

ГОСТ 17196

31 Клів

Різьба згідно з

ГОСТ 17196

38 Клів
















Purpose: Transfer of axial force and torque from the manual of drill and rotary hammer drilling machine for drilling.

Drilling rods round with a diameter from 22 to 42 mm, hex size from 19 to 35 mm, length from 500 mm to 6000 mm.

the Rods are manufactured according to technical specifications «KSBI" SIRTE.614481.001 TU with cone thread round ("rope"), trapezoidal, metric from hex or round bars with a Central opening from steel grades NM, NM, SM, S with volumetric hardening or cementation of the entire surface and hardening the shock end.

Produced volume or surface quenching and tempering, the hardness of the bearing surface can reach to HRC 55-62. The rod may be formed with a shaft with a collar or without a collar, metric, round or trapezoidal thread.


the Plant can produce drill rods, different from the standard, as well as drill rods for drilling machines, including imported.

Manufactured in the factory drilling rods are fully compliant with current regulatory and technical documentation and specifications "KSBI"

Each item irrespective of the lot size, is made solely at customer's design documentation and technological process.

from 500 to 6000 mm
*Sectional area:
*The size of the hexagon:
*Connection with a drilling machine and tool:
Connection type coupling:
Steel grade:
Types of heat treatment:
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Painting and packing

All products are scrapped and painted in a special chamber. Threaded portion and end working surfaces shall be protected by special caps.

Supporting documents

Supporting documentation

All products are branded, for each shipment of products shall be prepared a certificate of quality with entering the actual data with a passport.



In order to reduce the delivery time of drilling tools all operations related to shipment of products, the plant performs.